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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: EGGar Allen Poets: Graphics

Video Instructions

Click the photo below to view the attached video in YouTube.

Presentation Details

EGGar Allen Poets: Graphics

Author: Ashley Mandell

Faculty Supervisor: Emily Boyle, MAT

Community Partner: City of St Marys


This semester, we chose to combine the ideas of an egg hunt and painted rock hunting for our service-learning project. We named the project EGGar Allen Poets.  In class, we learned about poetry, read poems as a class, contributed our favorite poems, and shared our feelings about poetry to the class discussion. The class agreed that hiding numbered poems and candy inside eggs for people to find would be a fun, engaging, and educational experience for the community. The Facebook page was created for people to share their findings and responses to the poems.

For our project, I created the Facebook page and managed it, replying to questions, updating the graphics as needed, and adding new content. I created composite images in Photoshop for the page. To create a composite, I first use the quick selection tool in the left tool bar, select subject in the upper tool bar, right click, and layer via copy. This allows me to use the selected subject to combine it with another. In the video, you see this with the purple egg and Edgar Allen Poe. I changed the color of the egg by adjusting the hue until it was white. Then, I create a mask and use the paintbrush to erase any spots that I don’t want to include in my image. I arranged the layers to fit together then merged them. For the images with text, I used the rectangular marquee tool to create a box over the image. To stroke (the outline for the box), right click and select stroke, adjust the width and color as desired then select ok. Repeat the process to fill in the box with a solid color, except select fill instead of stroke. After the box is created, begin adding text and adjusting color (you can use the eyedropper tool and select colors from the image), font, and size as desired. Once all images were done, I added them to our page.