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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Why Did Everything Change Because of Covid-19?

Presentation Details

Why Did Everything Change Because of Covid-19?

Authors: Ayley Miller, Madison Merritt, Courtney Clark, Alanna Holtel, and Sarah Collier

Faculty Supervisor: Maryanne Sandberg Ed.D., RN

Community Partner: Frederica Academy and School Nurse, Nikki Pope


This group worked to help children understand all of the regulations that have been put into place since COVID-19 has occurred. Their goal was to emphasize the importance of masks and handwashing to promote compliance during the pandemic. The group partnered with the school nurse at Frederica Academy School Nikki Pope. The group learned how the best method in approaching kids as well as develop appropriate activities to demonstrate to students. To show the how germs spread and live the group used petri dishes and swab collections to demonstrate the effect of germs.