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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Altama Park Improvements

Presentation Details

Altama Park Improvements

Authors: Nora Cryder, Shelby Yawn, and Alacia Parham

Faculty Supervisor: Mary McGinnis, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Glynn County Public Works


Recently each of us have worked alongside the Glynn County Public Works to help them improve a park of our choice. They would like to see more people of the Brunswick Community going outside and enjoying their parks, while under a pandemic. So, we created a survey to see what improvements exactly people near Altama Park would like to see. Also, we created a flyer that included pictures of the park, ideas on what to improve, and the survey link along with a QR code of the survey. Personally this project has allowed us to better understand what it is like to communicate with others and has also grown our leadership skills. Also, it has allowed us to work alongside/with and learn more about the Brunswick community and given us a taste of community service. Now, people can take the survey and voice their opinions on what they want done to Altama Park. The survey and poster can be found on the Glynn County Public Works website.