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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Child Sexual Abuse

Presentation Details

Child Sexual Abuse

Authors: Jenna Chambers, Cullen Estep, Kylie Ewald, Alyssa Hale, Alex Hermeidinger, CJ Garrad, Rebekah Thomas, and As'Janay Pitts

Faculty Supervisor: Laura Grantham, DNP,  RN 

Community Partner: St. Simons By The Sea and Gateway Behavioral Health Service


Our project discusses child sexual abuse. We included a safe line that is nationally available for teens, a few options of who could potentially be abusers to raise awareness, and some concerns that children going through abuse may experience. We discuss both health and safety concerns of children who experience abuse, short and long term. We talk about both the impact of support and the impact of lack of support for individuals who have experienced abuse. Lastly, for healthcare awareness, we discuss the importance of interviewing children who have suffered abuse with important questions to ask. This is especially important right now because COVID-19 has increased the likelihood of child sexual abuse along with other forms of abuse. We created a PowerPoint to present to the community with the goal of bringing awareness to an issue that sparks the emotion of both people who have experienced this and those who haven't. Our goal is to raise awareness of child sexual abuse.