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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Why is Writing about Reading Important for Pre-Literacy Learners?

Presentation Details

Why is Writing About Reading Important for Pre-Literacy Learners?

Authors: Sierra Gunter

Faculty Supervisor: Jessica Morris, Ed.D.

Community Partner: Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia


In my poster, I wanted to highlight not only the community partner (The Boys and Girls Club of South East Georgia), but also how my personal experience there has created a lasting impact on my future students and myself in regard to my teaching career. I have learned just how valuable writing about reading is for students, even the ones who cannot read or write yet. This was the entire premise of my poster, which was to show that even if a student cannot read or write you can still make a life-long difference in a student's future reading and writing skills by using the reader’s notebooks and writing about reading as early as possible. Writing about reading not only benefits the students, but also the teacher. It provides such amazing data in regard to the components of reading, while also allowing teachers to see the personal interests of students that allow teachers to engage and build connections that could have not been possible before.