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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Sexually Transmitted Infections and Prevention for Adolescents

Presentation Details

Sexually Transmitted Infections and Prevention for Adolescents

Authors: Desiree Tucker, Hunter Highsmith, Chelsea Cochran, and Amber Woodfield

Faculty Supervisor: Nicole Masano, DNP, RN, CNM, CME

Community Partner: Mrs. Roberts from the HIV Clinic and The Elizabeth Correll Teen Center


Our service-learning project was designed to educate local adolescents on protection and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI). The Elizabeth Correll Teen Center provided us with an opportunity to give our presentation. To measure the adequacy of our presentation, participants were given a pre-test in order to perceive current understanding, a jeopardy game for interaction and participation, and a post-test to evaluate what they learned from our presentation. During our presentation we incorporated verbal responses to questions provided by Mrs. Roberts, a nurse practitioner at the HIV clinic in Glynn County. We ensured the application of possible solutions to the STI problem within our community such as abstinence, the use of condoms, and being aware of the consequences of STIs. After our presentation, all students were given goodie bags containing educational brochures, condoms, information regarding community resources, and online tools to further their education. Additionally, our project established a basic understanding for these adolescents due to the lack of education provided at local schools and community resources. It is important for adolescents to learn proper ways to protect themselves and where they can receive help anonymously. This project will assist in enabling further educational programs about STIs and their prevention at the Correll Teen Center.