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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Jessica Morris, Ed.D.

Excellence in Service-Learning Awards

Outstanding Faculty Member Award

Jessica Morris, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Teacher Preparation

Reading and Literacy Specialization

Service-Learning Teaching Details

Service-Learning Sections:          2

Service-Learning Course:             2

  • Developing Readers, Writers & Speakers

Key Partnership:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Georgia

In her first semester of teaching service-learning courses, Dr. Jessica Morris and her students’ served with the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia. Students in the two sections of Developing Readers, Writers, and Speakers course introduced Pre-k through 5 learners to reader’s notebooks. As the teacher education candidates introduce the children to these notebooks, they teach the kids how to use the notebooks and assess the students reading and writing skills. After the teacher education students have assessed the younger students' skills, they create a plan to work with the children to improve these skills. Students were given the chance to demonstrate their teaching and assessment skills by completing this project.

“Dr.  Morris has gone above and beyond to build a fruitful and lasting relationship with the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast GA.  Her teaching students have given time to serve our youth since January.  They were hard working, dependable and caring.   We are confident Dr.  Morris' influence is the reason for these positive attributes.  We look forward to Future endeavors with Dr. Morris.”

- Dayton Austin, Director of Operations​, Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia

Faculty Posters

Partnering for Literacy

Why is Writing about Reading Important for Pre-Literacy Learners?

The Journey of a Readers Notebook

Service-Learning: Developing Strong Readers and Writers

Reading with BME Tigers

Reader’s Notebook in Action

Reader’s Notebook: Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia

Reader’s Notebook at the Boys & Girls Club (2)

Reader’s Notebook at the Boys & Girls Club

A Teacher Candidate's Perspective

Learning with the Boys and Girls Club

Learning at the Boys & Girls Club

Into the Minds of Readers

Hands on at Burroughs-Molette Club

Exploring Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Glynn County

Digging Deeper into Writing about Reading

Boys and Girls Club