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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Best Practices in Public Transit Structure

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Best Practices in Public Transit Structure

Authors: Mi’chelle Armstong, Kayla Johnson, Marshall Crews, Sasha Yeager, Quinn Beltramo, Katy Carr, Courtney Quarterman, Blake Strickland , Asia Mitchell, Hunter Berger

Faculty Supervisor: Heather Farley, Ph.D.

Community Partner: The City of Brunswick, Planning and Zoning Department; C2P2 – Community and College Partnership Program


The city of Brunswick is fairly small, but still has many residents who lack a vehicle or other efficient means of getting around the city. The case study group in PUBM 4200 chose to look at other cities and counties around the country to find the most cost effective and realistic way the City of Brunswick could implement public transportation. We found that in most cases we researched, the Federal Transit Administration provides funding alongside the state government. Fares were low in all cases, with the money from fares going towards supporting continued operations. In one case, a private company worked alongside the county to provide transportation to the entire county at a low cost. Our work will help provide input in the transit planning process at the local governmental level. It will also assist in ensuring that transit in our community is equitable and effective for the populations it serves.