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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Maryanne Sandberg, Ed.D., MSN, RN

Excellence in Service-Learning Awards

Outstanding Faculty Member Award

Maryanne Sandberg, Ed.D., MSN, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Service-Learning Teaching Details

Service-Learning Sections:          5

Service-Learning Course:             2

  • Nursing Care of Children
  • Community-Focused Nursing

Key Partnerships:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • Glynn Immediate Care
  • Heartland Hospice

Teaching service-learning courses online present unique challenges. However, no challenge is too great for Dr. Maryanne Sandberg, as she has been teaching service-learning Community-Focused Nursing course to senior RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) students since spring 2017. Each year since, Dr. Sandberg has encouraged her students to participate in the Service-Learning Symposium. She is even planning to share her own research during the upcoming 2021 Gulf South Summit for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education.

“Maryanne has been active in service-learning for several years.  She implemented our first online service-learning course in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences through her Community Health Nursing course.  Last fall, Maryanne continued her S-L practice into Pediatric Nursing.  She was able to overcome many obstacles related to Covid mandates and fostered a rich learning experience for her students.  Maryanne is also active in scholarship related to service-learning.  She was part of a panel discussion and had a poster presentation at the Gulf South Summit this spring and has presented at the CCGA Service-Learning Symposium in the past.”

- Dr. Nicole Masano

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