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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia presents: Walk with a Furry Friend!

Presentation Details

Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia Presents: Walk with a Furry Friend!

Authors: Mackenzie Skorupski, Skylar Golden, Jay Horton, and Kate Krawetzky

Faculty Supervisor: Mary McGinnis, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia and Sher Pollard


Walk with a furry friend is not just taking animals for walks or walking because you feel sorry for them, it’s way more than that. It's about giving animals a chance to live a happy life without worry. To give them a life that they never  had/wish to have. Animals are as good as people so why should we overlook them. Why chose to ignore them because they are “just animals”. This project affected me in many areas. In my city Lake Charles, Louisiana alone, there are five humane societies. Two out of those five are currently on the verge of getting shut down by lack of funding. This project of simply making them a poster would help them with the program. They don’t have to pay someone to make the poster and it's basically free advertisement! It's so important for people to come out and help the unfortunate to better society as a whole. I believe “Walk with a Furry Friend” could put a whole new meaning on having a pet. Having a pet is more than just leaving them outside in the cold, or in the heat considering we live in the south. A pet should be considered as your child. They should feel the same love as any human can get. They don’t deserve to be mistreated, abused, or anything in that manner. “Walk with a Furry Friend” could possibly change the communities point of view on how animals could possibly be treated. The Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia is the only humane society in the city, so if we could help them get the word out, we could possibly help them gain more business.