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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Arrive Alive: Educating Teens About the Dangers of Distracted Driving

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Arrive Alive: Educating Teens About the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Authors: Tamitrice Bailey, Melissa Callaway-Fordham, Liset Martinez, Kayla Stone, Sandra Kodua, Emily Epperley, Hannah Duncan, and Gunnar Gentry

Faculty Supervisor: Dawana Gibbs, MSN, RN, CNE

Community Partner: Golden Isles College & Career Academy and Brunswick Police Department


For our service-learning project, our group collaborated with the Brunswick Police Department. We educated the youth at the Golden Isles Career Academy (GICA) on the importance of staying focused when driving and how being a responsible driver can save lives. We created an obstacle course with distractions and used distorted vision goggles to demonstrate how dangerous distracted driving can be. When accidents occur related to distracted driving, it impacts our entire community. By educating our youth, we are equipping them with the knowledge of safe driving, thus benefiting our overall community. Safe driving equals fewer accidents and fewer tragedies. This project helped bring perspective to us by revealing the dangers we bring onto others when we participate in distracted driving. We hope that by our demonstration, the GICA students can remember and implement the information we presented to keep themselves and our community safe.