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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Art and Stress Management

Presentation Details

Art and Stress Management

Authors: Lynn Brown, Melinda Fabin, Rose Farell, Natasha Fernandez, Jessica Moyer, and Brittany Stuckey

Faculty Supervisor: Dawanna Gibbs, MSN, RN, CNE

Community Partner: Golden Isles College & Career Academy


Our group's service-learning project focused on using art as a positive outlet for stress management. We partnered with the Golden Isles Career Academy talking and providing adolescents examples of different coping techniques in dealing with stressful situations through the expression of art. We displayed various art forms to stimulate their desire to express themselves through art creativity. The students used individual,unique,and creative designs to display a variety of art through rock painting and Mandala picture designs.
Art expressed as stress management had a profound impact on the students. The students were approving of the project displaying constant smiles, delightfulness, and enjoyment. Collectively, we used art as stress management that brought a greater insight to the need for art used as stress management. This continuance will improve self-esteem issues, build emotional resilience and in return bring change within our society.