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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Designing Culturally-Sensitive Programs: An Eco Fair

Presentation Details

Designing Culturally-Sensitive Programs: An Eco Fair

Authors: Brianna Pittman, Katelyn Dimond, Ariana Farmer

Faculty Supervisor: Marci Culley, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Glynn Environmental Coalition / Ness Montoya and Rachael Thompson


This poster will present a Service-Learning project that was designed to fulfill partial requirements for a psychology class in Program Development and Grant Writing (PSYC 4510) and was conducted in partnership with Glynn Environmental Coalition (GEC). GEC is an organization dedicated to creating a healthy economy and maintaining a clean environment for citizens of Coastal Georgia. For the first time, the GEC has partnered with the Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) to develop a series of local events that will be part of a national Latino Conservation Week (LCW). These events are designed to promote conservation efforts and provide an opportunity for the Latinx community to show their support for protecting our environment. One of these events will be an Eco Fair, planned to be held on the College of Coastal Georgia campus this July. Our project is focused on applying concepts learned in this class to help GEC develop effective and culturally-sensitive environmental education programming for the Eco Fair. We plan to explore similar programs to make recommendations about what to include in the Eco Fair while also working to help amplify the voices of local Latinx populations in the event’s programming.