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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Group: Health Literacy

Excellence in Service-Learning Awards

Outstanding Student Group Award

Sierra Moffitt, Ashley O’Neal, Breanna Pye, and Zoe Ray

Health Literacy at the Boys & Girls Club

"I would like to nominate the CCGA nursing students. They volunteer at The Boys & Girls Club Early Literacy Academy often. They do handwashing and germ presentations for the children in our program at a time when it these lessons are greatly needed.  They donate books and any educational supplies that they use for these presentations to our club, so that we can continue to educate our children on safe health practices. But most importantly, they come in and help out wherever they are needed and spend time and build trusting relationships with our children.  The majority of the children that we serve only have the opportunity to visit the doctor when something has gone wrong. Those visits are not usually pleasant and cause anxiety and fear of health professionals. CCGA nursing students have unknowingly shown our children that nurses and doctors are valued community helpers and are not to be feared, but trusted."


- Kristy Johnson, Unit Director, Boys & Girls Club Early Literacy Academy

Left to right: Ashley O’Neal, Sierra Moffitt, Zoe Ray, and Breanna Pye

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