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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Poverty within Glynn County Elementary School

Presentation Details

Poverty within Glynn County Elementary School

Authors: Molly Williford

Faculty Supervisor: Anelise Farris, Ph.D.

Community Partner: C. B. Greer Elementary


For my symposium poster showcase, I decided to work within a classroom at CB Greer Elementary in Brunswick Georgia. In the classroom I worked one on one with the students who lived in poverty, helping them with their school work and giving them someone to talk to about their home lives. I was placed in a 1st grade classroom with 23 students, 10 who live in poverty, and fell in love with their sweet faces. Doing this project allowed me to not only notice when a student is living in poverty, but also how to handle the students when they just want someone to talk to. I feel like I have made an impact on those students' lives, but they also have made an impact on mine. The units we covered discussing poverty within our English 1102 class at CCGA were extremely beneficial when it came time for me to know how to handle and treat those students who live within poverty. I was able to not only help the students I worked with in the classroom, but also go to the faculty and take what I have learned in English 1102 from our poverty units and showcase it to them to use in the future. I believe that by going to the staff members at the school allowed them to see that getting on to a student when they need to lash out is not what they need, all they need is someone to talk to and love them, and in hopes will help more students in the future.