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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Self-Care Postpartum Baskets and Brochures

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Self-Care Postpartum Baskets and Brochures

Authors: Anne Sweat, Bailey Harvey, Jasmin Williams, Tymber Dilts

Faculty Supervisor: Nicole Masano DNP, RN, CNM, CME

Community Partner: Skylark


We worked with Skylark and delivered postpartum self-care baskets and brochures to them to be distributed to the new mothers that visit their facility. The project had a big impact on us especially when we researched how much self-care can influence postpartum depression and feelings of the new mom. The project will hopefully help many new moms realize they are supported and give them information and resources on the importance of self-care. The baskets were also filled with many self-care items and some activities for the new moms. Our project relates to the Service-Learning Outcomes because we used our problem-solving skills to develop a minimal contact project due to the current pandemic and the increased health risk of our target population if they were exposed. We also demonstrated high levels of creativity and critical thinking by identifying the need for postpartum education on self-care for new moms in the community, and by developing a solution of a brochure and the basket full of self-care supplies and activities. Future implications could be self-care classes or in-person activities once the Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed or lifted.