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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: College Stress

Presentation Details

College Stress

Authors: Taylor Milton, Carson Haymans, Yi Wei, Kirsten Butler, Jacob Micu, Nakia Page, Caitlyn Bennett

Faculty Supervisor: Laura Grantham, DNP,  RN

Community Partner: Saint Simons By The Sea and Gateway Behavioral Health Services


The community of focus was college-aged students. Within that group we researched different areas of concern, many included things like the effects of COVID-19 on school production, ineffective coping strategies, and alcoholism. After researching these issues within the college-aged community, we developed a poster layout that is set to present what these issues are. We explained what points were found to be most concerning in the assigned community group and we added some positive, effective coping strategies to offer as an alternative to the negative ones such as drinking. We included several resources that are within a short walk or drive to our college campus and available for all ranges of affordability. We are in hopes that with this provided information more college-aged students will use these coping strategies and resources as an outlet for stress relief. The poster will be presented to Saint Simons By The Sea and Gateway Behavioral Health Services. At a personal and community level the project made us realize that some of our coping strategies are not healthy or effective. It brought to light that there are some things we do or experience that can be detrimental to our schooling, and we may not realize we are even doing these things. The project has helped me in my own coping mechanisms. This project completes all three objectives in our service-learning guidelines. It includes civic learning by presenting our information to our assigned community in order to share our research, it included academic by allowing us to use what we have learned in class towards our project, and lastly it allowed our group to grow personally by using the coping strategies and offered resources ourselves.