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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Service-Learning: Developing Strong Readers and Writers

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Service-Learning: Developing Strong Readers and Writers

Authors: Stephanie Gilbert

Faculty Supervisor: Jessica Morris, Ed.D.

Community Partner: Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia


As a part of my service-learning section of my course, Literature 3020: Developing Readers, Writers, and Speakers, I got to spend 12 hours at the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Georgia. I was able to work with students using different gradient level texts and a Reader’s Notebook, where they could put their thoughts down about what they read. The students I was able to work with ranged from 2nd to 4th grade. Each visit I had with them, we would read a book using many different reading strategies, including, interactive read-aloud and guided reading. After we read the text, the students would then have the opportunity to express their own thoughts about the story in different ways such as, summarizing, functional writing, and drawing. After they wrote their thoughts down, I would read them and write back to them in the Reader’s Notebook.