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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Kacey Winsness

Excellence in Service-Learning Awards

Outstanding Student Award

Kacey Winsness


"Kacey volunteered at the Burroughs-Molette Boys and Girls Club for her Service-Learning Project. She proved to be a leader in persistence and resilience as she learned to work with students on reading and writing skills in an after school environment. Her positive outlook and willingness to try new instructional strategies to meet the needs of students in the program was obvious in class discussions and in her final product."


-Dr. Jessica Morris


"Kacey did an outstanding job on her project! She took the time to do deeper research to help her child exceed! Her poster is nicely organized and you can tell there was a tremendous amount of time and effort put into it!"


- Deanna Wasdin, Student Peer

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