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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Underwear Drive for the Connie Smith Rape Crisis Center

Presentation Details

Underwear Drive for the Connie Smith Rape Crisis Center

Authors: Darion Carter and Cooper Adams

Faculty Supervisor: Mary McGinnis, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Connie Smith Rape Crisis Center


For this project, I communicated through text messages, emails, and virtual meetings with my partner Cooper Adams to come to an agreement on a project. Then, we decided to help raise awareness for people that have been affected by sexual violence by hosting an underwear drive. After finding out what our community partner Connie Smith needed, we got to work. I made a flyer to help raise awareness and Cooper Adams found a cardboard box. Cooper proceeded to wrap the box in colored paper, while I finished up the flyer and sent it to him over email. He then stapled the flyer on the box and placed it outside of the cafeteria. Doing this project showed me how anybody can do a part to help raise awareness for these groups that provide and help others. I think doing projects like this affects the community as they see us doing these projects, it shows how they can participate in them in the future. For me, not only did the projects raise awareness, but the steps in between did too. Plus, now that we have done our first service-learning project, future projects will be executed, more efficiently and will not take as long since we have an idea of the process.