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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Finding FURever Homes

Presentation Details

Finding FURever Homes

Authors: I’Kymaya Blackett, Alayna Holmes, Ava Ray, Nancy Blanton

Faculty Supervisor: Mary McGinnis, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Humane Society of Camden County; Jennifer Hutchinson


We created a professional poster for the Humane Society of Camden County. The poster explains what the Humane Society is and what they do, such as neutering and spaying animals. It also talks about donations that they are kindly asking for. We worked with Jennifer Hutchinson for this project. This project was important to us because we all have a love for animals, especially dogs and cats. We just wanted to be able to help others because it meant so much to us that they found a new home. This is also important for the community because it helps to give animals loving homes and it gets them off the streets. This poster brings attention to the animals that need homes and it shows you how to help them. This project for sure enabled community engagement and it promoted leadership. We had the opportunity to collaborate with Jennifer from the Humane Society to create wonderful posters for the animals in the shelter. My group and I were able to link service experiencing to course content utilizing critical thinking and reflection skills. We were able to connect our service-learning experience with our academic knowledge by creating the flyers and posters we already knew how to do and turning them into a service-learning activity. This has been a great experience for The whole group. We got to learn even more information about the Humane Society, also ideas on how to help them promote their organization, and having great communication skills with an amazing supervisor.