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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Glynn County Animal Control Service Project

Presentation Details

Glynn County Animal Control Service Project

Authors: Joshua Meeson, Dezie Prior, Jessica Reddish

Faculty Supervisor: Mary McGinnis, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Glynn County Animal Control


My group and I worked with the Glynn County Animal Control to create an infographic to get their main news out to the public, our project is able to be printed out so it can be handed out however it’s accessible online too. I think that our project has helped the community because instead of scrolling through the animal control website people are now able to simply read a small infographic with the main news for the organization. Having something smaller read is better to draw in attention because instead of searching through a large website you have 4 main topics easily accessible. This project has impacted me personally because we offered statistics on how many animals are put down, and listed for adoption each year, and being a pet lover I was very sad to see how many animals were on that list. In conclusion, I think I see why animal control is so significant.