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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Group: The Well

Excellence in Service-Learning Awards

Outstanding Student Group Award

Kenna Waters & Kayla Bunch

Service-Learning Project with The Well

"Both of these young ladies came to tour our facility, The Well.  Upon the tour, they shared with us that they wanted to "destigmatize" those that are experiencing homelessness. In this, they have started an art class with our students and once they have sufficient projects completed, they will be having an art show in the evening at The Well.  We have asked that the Sorority "Pirates of the Spanish Main" to come and serve hors d'oeuvres that evening as the art is on display to be sold by each artist.  They have gone above and beyond with this project and actually have some of our guest who do not talk, sitting down and as they paint, talking with these two young ladies! I wish that more individuals both young and old would care, be as unselfish and giving as the two of them are.  My forever thanks to Kayla and Kenna!"

- Honey Sparre, Director of Homeless Ministries, The Well and FaithWorks


"Kenna and Kayla completed a project with FaithWorks’ The Well. They conducted art classes for homeless persons at The Well. This art can be sold as a means to generate income for unemployed and underemployed individuals."

- Dr. Roscoe Scarborough

Left to right: Kenna Waters and Kayla Bunch

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