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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: CCGA Psychology Program Needs Assessment

Presentation Details

CCGA Psychology Program Needs Assessment

Authors: Rhonda Diggs, Lauren Jones, Haley Rigdon

Faculty Supervisor: Marci Culley, Ph.D.

Community Partner: CCGA BS in Psychology Program


This poster will present a Service-Learning (S-L) project that was designed to fulfill partial requirements for a psychology class in Program Development and Grant Writing (PSYC 4510) and was conducted in partnership with the CCGA Psychology Program. Applying concepts learned in class, we will describe our psychology program needs assessment, which consists of an online survey that we designed to explore the attitudes and experiences of current psychology majors and program graduates. Our aim is to gain a better understanding of perceived program needs and successes, which will allow for insight into what the CCGA BS in Psychology program is doing well, and where there could be potential improvements to support student learning and success. With IRB approval, data will be collected and analyzed to provide feedback to the program stakeholders. Some preliminary findings may be presented.