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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: Safe Harbor Children’s Center

Presentation Details

Safe Harbor Children's Center

Authors: Lacy Hively, Lee Hobbs, Jeramine Wynn, Selena Pereze, and Shymya Kelly

Faculty Supervisor: Mary McGinnis, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Safe Harbor Children's Center


On our project we wanted to do a Donation box for Safe Harbor Children's Center for the kids that lived at the center. Our goal was to collect as many items such as clothes, shoes, purses and anything that was donated was greatly appreciated. I feel as the community partner we collected items for was greatly important to people who either work there or live there. We wanted to be able to give the teens and children the thing they didn't have at the center and even if they already had it we still would have wanted to give them even more. The project greatly impacted me personally because it showed me to really appreciate what kind of life I have been able to live. It really opened my eyes on how there are a lot of children out there that need our help. I couldn't imagine being in there position so it made me want to go big for them. I hope the children know even in the situation they are in there are people thinking of them.