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2021 Service-Learning Symposium: The Bereaved Individual

Presentation Details

The Bereaved Individual

Authors: Emalyn Russell, Jonathon Petrie, Misty Davison, Adley Branch, Destiney Stephens, and Makayla Mckin

Faculty Supervisor: Laura Grantham, DNP,  RN

Community Partner: Saint Simons By-The-Sea and Gateway Behavioral Health Services


This project will discuss the bereaved individual, processing grief, and coping mechanisms. Our group chose to create a poster to implement this topic into the community. The poster presentation would discuss what exactly grief is and how to recognize maladaptive versus adaptive coping. Therapeutic communication with bereaved individuals will also be discussed. Our community partner is a behavioral health facility that is able to provide beneficial mental health services to those struggling with bereavement. This topic is important and impactful to all members of the community because everyone will experience bereavement, or know someone who experiences it, at one point or another in their life. This project is related to the psychosocial service-learning outcome because bereavement influences mental health and can develop into conditions such as depression. Hopefully, this project will encourage healthy coping mechanisms to be implemented with bereaved individuals in the future.