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Service-Learning Project Archives: Glynn County Schools

Glynn County Schools

Glynn County School System, and FACES Pre Kindergarten Center

Altama Elementary School, Burroughs-Molette Elementary School, C.B. Greer Elementary School, Golden Isles Elementary School, Goodyear Elementary School, Oglethorpe Point Elementary School, Satilla Marsh Elementary School, St Simons Elementary School, and Sterling Elementary School

Glynn Middle School, Jane Macon Middle School, Needwood Middle School, and Risley Middle School

Brunswick High School, and Glynn Academy

2016 Excellence in Service-Learning

Outstanding Community Partner Award

Service-Learning Partnerships:         57

The Glynn County School System will ensure that all decisions are made in the best interests of its students through the adoption of policies and the adherence to responsible business and financial practices that are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and State Board rules.

Glynn County Schools / School System

Brunswick High School

Glynn Middle School

Jane Macon Middle School

Needwood Middle School

Risley Middle School

Sterling Elementary School

FACES Pre Kindergarten Center

Altama Elementary School

Burroughs-Molette Elementary School

C.B. Greer Elementary School

Golden Isles Elementary School

Goodyear Elementary School

Oglethorpe Point Elementary School

Satilla Marsh Elementary School

St Simons Elementary School

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