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Service-Learning Project Archives: Robin McLachlan, Ph.D.

Robin McLachlan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geology

Service-Learning Teaching Details

2022 Excellence in Service-Learning

Outstanding Faculty Award

Service-Learning Sections:            5

Service-Learning Courses:             4

  • Environmental Science Internship
  • Geology Internship
  • Research Independent Study
  • Environmental Communication

Key Partnership:

  • 4-H Tidelands Nature Center
  • Glynn Environmental Coalition
  • Keep Golden Isles Beautiful
  • Forward Brunswick
  • Jacksonville’s Museum of Science and History
  • Humane Society of Camden County

Dr. Robin McLachlan taught her first service-learning course, Environmental Communication, where she has engaged students in communication activities. Her project involved students collaborating with local or regional community partners to complete projects tailored to students’ personal learning goals and needs of their community partner. The focus of these projects was to produce a product that communicated how individuals interact with the environment and to inform about the environment in which we live. Various organizations that students’ chose to work with were 4-H Tidelands Nature Center, Keep Golden Isles Beautiful, Glynn Environmental Coalition, and Forward Brunswick. Communication about the environment and how to improve the quality of it was a major takeaway for students.

Conducting Environmental Science Field Trips on Jekyll Island to Boost Communication Skills

Developing a Communication Strategy to Relate Local Residents with the Term “Placemaking”

Implementation of Odor Nuisance Ordinances in Brunswick, Georgia

Social Media Campaign for 'Keep Golden Isles Beautiful' to Increase Environmental Awareness

Tank Toys: An Exciting way to Boost the Aquarium Welfare and Ocean Survival Preparedness of Sea Turtles