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Service-Learning Project Archives: J. Quinton Staples II, M.Ed.

J. Quinton Staples II, M.Ed.

Director of Diversity Initiatives

Service-Learning Teaching Details

Service-Learning Sections:          1

Service-Learning Course:            1

  • Social Injustice & Racism

Educating and engaging students in meaningful discussion on social injustice and racism through engaging students in tough conversations was professor Quinton Staples’ focus in his service-learning course. Professor Staples has piloted one service-learning course and fully implemented another and has reached over 40 students. The objective of his global issues course was to teach students about social injustice / racism and to equip students with tools to combat these social ills. It is important to understand personal biases and be aware of thoughts regarding these topics. Professor Staples asks students to consider these topics and more so that they can learn and engage in critical conversations.