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Service-Learning Project Archives: Dawana Gibbs, MSN, RN, CNE

In Memory of

Dawana Gibbs, MSN, RN, CNE

ASN Program Coordinator

Associate Professor of Nursing

Service-Learning Teaching Details

2016 Excellence in Service-Learning

Outstanding Faculty Award

Service-Learning Sections:          17

Service-Learning Courses:            4

  • Nursing 1 and Nursing 2
  • Community-Focused Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing

Key Partnerships:

  • Brunswick Downtown Development Authority
  • Golden Isles College and Career Academy
  • The College's Human Resource Division

Professor Dawana Gibbs has been doing service-learning before the College was officially recognizing it as such, or in her words “before it was cool.” Since before officially designating service-learning courses in the fall of 2013, Dawana has been teaching service-learning courses. She has worked with over 725 students and countless community partner agencies to enhance both the student learning outcomes of students and improve the community through actively engaged, service-learning work. Professor Gibbs’ students have engaged in the annual Service-Learning Symposium since 2014.

“Mrs. Gibbs has been a long-standing supporter of service-learning (S-L).  She has helped shape what S-L looks like in the various nursing programs.  She is dedicated and passionate about S-L’s importance in the educational process of nursing students.”

- Dr. Nicole Masano

A Time to Reflect: Remembering Dawana Gibbs

A champion of nursing students, Dawana made a lasting impression with her creativity in the classroom and innovative teaching strategies. Her tireless energy, compassion, and unwavering dedication leave an indelible legacy for students, alumni, colleagues, and others who knew her.

According to Dr. Nicole Masano, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Nursing, “Dawana was such a joy to work with, so full of light, an authentic person, with an extraordinary depth of compassion and empathy.”

The faculty in the Nursing Department is creating a memory book for Dawana’s family highlighting her extraordinary contribution to others. Please email any favorite memories or stories of personal and professional experiences with Dawana to Ashley Barnes ( Ashley is compiling all submissions from faculty, staff, current students, graduates, and community partners. Once complete, Ashley will create a book for Dawana’s family to remember their wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt who positively impacted this College and community over the past 29 years.

For those wanting to give to the Dawana Gibbs Nursing Scholarship, please see this link: There is also a brief recollection of her academic career in this link for those interested in reading about this special lady and highly respected and loved faculty member.

More information will be coming soon about a memorial service on campus to honor the life of Dawana Gibbs.

We will cherish Dawana’s memory and honor her legacy that will live on through our faculty, students, and alumni, as well as the values of excellence and patient-centered care that she instilled throughout our community.