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Service-Learning Project Archives: Kimberly Takagi, Ph.D.

Kimberly Takagi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science & Oceanography

Service-Learning Teaching Details

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  • Aquatic Biology & Ecology

Key Partnership:

  • Sea Palms West

Dr. Kimberly Takagi taught Aquatic Biology and Ecology class in fall 2021, partnering with the Sea Palms West community to restore a former golf course to a vibrant green space for the enjoyment of the residents and surrounding community. The goal was to survey and characterize ponds on the land and determine the nutrient dynamics and flow. The class worked in pairs of students to conduct weekly water quality analyses, bird / reptile surveys, macroinvertebrate surveys, and an amphibian survey. The Sea Palms West community board gave our students an introductory tour of the greenspace and provided the historical context for the project to create a more vibrant green space teeming with native plants and wildlife.

Sea Palms West - Partners

Sea Palms West - Students