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2020 Service-Learning Symposium: Effects of Vaping / E-Cigarettes on Middle Schoolers

Explore digital presentations by College of Coastal Georgia faculty and students related to their service-learning collaborative work for Fall 2019 or Spring 2020

Presentation Details

Effects of Vaping/E-Cigarettes on Middle Schoolers

Authors: Tyler Elkins, Lorren Grantham, Maggie Tuten, and Alexa Weaver

Faculty Supervisors: Julianne Temple, MSN, APRN, CPNP, RN and Lydia Watkins, DNP, MSN, BSN

Community Partner: Needwood Middle School


As a group, we reached out and worked with the community through Needwood Middle School. We were able to incorporate and apply education learned throughout nursing school as well as undergraduate classes.  We were able to incorporate the respiratory system, the brain, and our pediatric class specifically when it came to deciding on how to address this specific age group. Finally, we were able to truly understand and experience the importance of primary prevention in the community.