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2020 Service-Learning Symposium: Emily Boyle, MAT

Explore digital presentations by College of Coastal Georgia faculty and students related to their service-learning collaborative work for Fall 2019 or Spring 2020

Excellence in Service-Learning Awards

Emily Boyle

Outstanding Faculty Member Award

Emily Boyle, MAT

Emily Boyle, MAT

Lecturer of English

Professor Boyle has come on strong with her service-learning commitment, teaching four service-learning courses since completing the Service-Learning Scholars Workshop Series in Fall 2017. She also works closely with her students in English Composition I and II courses to foster a love for the arts. Most recently, the course theme for her ENGL 1102 was ‘Art Builds Community,’ asking students to explore the importance that arts such as theater, visual arts, and literature/composition have in fostering community.  Professor Boyle even selflessly invested her own service-learning teaching incentive funding to purchase materials to support St Mary’s Elementary School’s (SMES) art program and to initiate a community garden on the SMES grounds.

“Emily’s passion for teaching is inspiring. She understands the dedication required to make changes in the lives of students and the community. She works hard with the Center for Service-Learning to develop a greater understanding of how she can create mutually beneficial projects for the good of our students, the College, and the community.”

- Kimberly Mannahan, Ph.D.

“Students learn and retain material when it becomes relevant to them.  Whenever I introduce a new concept to my students, I ask them questions to connect them to that concept.  Then, we explore the work together and build those connections further.  Finally, I encourage them to extend what they have learned to their own lives.  Service-Learning provides that opportunity in so many authentic ways.  Students can study poets, essayists, musicians, painters and filmmakers and consider how they have impacted society with their art. Then, the students can engage in a project that helps foster the love of art in their own community.”

- Emily Boyle, MAT

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