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2020 Service-Learning Symposium: Our Service-Learning Project for Intro to Human Development Class

Explore digital presentations by College of Coastal Georgia faculty and students related to their service-learning collaborative work for Fall 2019 or Spring 2020

Presentation Details

Our Service-Learning Project for Intro to Human Development Class

Authors: Ahmasi Joseph, Heather Smith, and Rebecca Griffin

Faculty Supervisor: Carla Bluhm, Ph.D. 

Community Partners: Golden Isle Strummers and Thrive at Frederica


We experienced the effect on residents in assisted living and on retirees, both groups displayed positive emotions reflected in their facial expressions and body rhythms. The music selection contained songs from throughout their life to better connect with their past or memories. The music selection enabled audience to participate and connect on a deeper psychological level with the band. Positive memories were no doubt a part of this experience. Being a part of the experience was enjoyable and seemed to give all, listener and performer, a sense of enjoyment and positive well-being.

The impact of music on wellbeing is unquestionable. From practicing alone or with the uke group, The Side Kicks, to performing with the Golden Isle Strummers gave us a feeling of happiness and connection. Music throughout history has been used in this way from ancient tribe/ religious ceremonies to modern concerts. The psychological synchronicity between the performers and the audience has the potential to reduce harmful negative emotions and physical pain.