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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Educating Schools on Learning Disabilities

Presentation Details

Educating Schools on Learning Disabilities

Authors: Viddy Kaciuska, Khanya Ramokgopa, Cana Rose Newbern, and Liza Marie Alley

Faculty Supervisor: Jessica Melilli-Hand, MFA, Ph.D.


This entire semester has been all about our service-learning projects. Ours was with the CCGA Office of Disability Services. In the beginning, we had to do a little research to know who our partner was. We also had to research outside resources because we needed to know more about our main idea: What are disabilities and what is the legal definition? After we completed the research we each had to write a paper about what we found. Then we came back together and started our big group project.
First, we needed to make a petition by defining what the legal definition for a disability is. We hosted an event for people to look over our petition and sign below if they agreed with our legal definition. When our event was over we needed to create a PowerPoint to present to the other groups in our course to show them what we have learned about our project and community partner. This presentation is to share with everyone what we have learned about disabilities and to help open up anyone's eyes who have not been aware the struggle people go through who have disabilities and learning disabilities.