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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Service-Learning Internship in Biology at UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant

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Service-Learning Internship in Biology at UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant

Author: Aria Colangelo

Faculty Supervisor: C. Tate Holbrook, Ph.D.


During the 2016-2017 school year, I was provided with the opportunity to work with the University of Georgia Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant in Brunswick, Georgia. The Water Quality Program Coordinator, Katy Smith, brought me on board as an intern to help manage a NOAA-funded project called The Salt Marsh Soldiers Tackle Marine Debris in Coastal Georgia. Throughout the project, we visited two seventh grade classes at Glynn Middle School with the determination to teach them all about marine debris. By performing quarterly lessons and using hands-on activities, we taught the students about their coastal environment and how they can help protect it. The environmental club, Salt Marsh Soldiers, were also key to the project in their hard work of cleanups around the school and local community. After the school year, we participated in public outreach engaging the community in the importance of our project by participating in cleanups, conferences, and film festivals. My experience with UGA MAREX has allowed me to find my passion of protecting our beloved coastal ecosystems by pushing forward with my work of understanding our coast and the resources it has to offer.