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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: CPR, Heat Stroke/Exhaustion, and Concussion Education for Coaches

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CPR, Heat Stroke/Exhaustion, and Concussion Education for Coaches

Authors: Laura Amos, William Blane Ogden, & Gracin Sapp

Faculty Supervisor: Nicole Masano, MSN, RN, CNM, CNE


The group provided information and hands on guidance for CPR, heat stroke/exhaustion, and concussions for coaches.  Coaches in general are not required to be certified in CPR and to act in these emergency situations.  The writers recognized a need to educate coaches who are often times the first responders in emergent situations to student athletes.  With this education, it allows improved outcomes to those athletes that may fall victim to these unfortunate but possible events.  It was decided to reach out locally to an on-campus coach to provide this valuable information. During this process the team learned that College of Coastal Georgia requires its coaches to be certified in CPR.  It was encouraging to learn that the college is taking proactive measures to prevent possible premature death from a cardiac arrest.  The group was able to educate on why it is important for coaches to also know about heat stroke/exhaustion and concussions because it is also very relevant issues that athletes are facing today.  The group's hope in the future this type of education will be implemented not only at the college, but at local high schools as well.