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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Suicide Prevention in Adolescents

Presentation Details

Suicide Prevention in Adolescents

Authors: Mary Grace Alley, Francesca Everett, Morgan Heaton, Connor Miskill, & Alexus Myers

Faculty Supervisor: Lydia Watkins, DNP, MSN, RN, CPNP


In the Pediatric service-learning course, we were asked to identify an important health issue for adolescents in the community. As nursing students, our detailed literature and community review led us to determine that suicide is an ever-rising incident in today’s society, especially adolescence. For our service-learning project we chose to present suicide prevention and awareness to the students at the College of Coastal Georgia. We collaborated with the Student Housing Director on campus to present in the dorms. At the dorms, our event included: suicidal signs and symptoms, suicide recognition & prevention, on & off campus resources, coping mechanisms and stress relief activities. To decrease stress and anxiety related to suicide, during our presentation we handed out stress balls, coloring activities, resource pamphlets, and candies.