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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Self-Concept: Sharing & Manners

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Self-Concept: Sharing & Manners

Authors: Brian Hall, Michelle Parker, Nya Reid, & Patricia Golden

Faculty Supervisor: Lydia Watkins, DNP, MSN, RN, CPNP


Our service-learning group focused this project on self-concepts of sharing and manners in elementary school children.  The group researched and composed an interactive presentation on reasons why sharing and possessing good manners will benefit the students in the future.  This was presented at C.B. Greer Elementary school, who served as the community partner. It was presented to an audience of students in grades 2 and 3.  The group used research about Erikson's Stages of Development to streamline the information for better understanding.  The students participated in information and feedback sessions, arts and crafts, and ice cream rewards.  This project is important to the community because the mannerisms taught to the youth will directly affect the type of adult and productive citizen they will become.  This project was a reflection of all the Service-Learning objectives, as the group was able to gain understanding of Erikson and present information collaboratively with the community partner.  In the future, this project would be helpful in giving students alternative choices and other means of solving challenging problems.