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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Tobacco Cessation

Presentation Details

Tobacco Cessation

Authors: Mary Artman, Erin Miragliotta, & John Fenstermacher

Faculty Supervisors: Nicole Masano, MSN, RN, CNM, CNE



The project was designed to present current concerns associated with the risks of tobacco use in various forms to include the newer trend of "Vaping".  This presentation was provided to the College of Coastal Georgia students residing on campus as many traditional college students are at a higher risk for participating in unsafe or ill-advised behaviors such as tobacco use.  Even though the campus is a tobacco free, many students still partake and do so thinking there is no major concern.  The participants learned more about health issues from tobacco use and were surprised to learn that "Vaping Juice" is not regulated by the FDA, BATFE, or any other entity.  The research team was just as shocked about that as well as the statistics associated with tobacco use and effects on health as related to Georgia.  This project increased the research team's awareness of community concerns related to tobacco use and adverse health effects.  Students were very aware of tobacco and health related issues, but were shocked and concerned with potential vaping effects on physical and mental health.  Overall, this presentation raised awareness of health issues related to tobacco use and vaping.