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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Teen Focus: Drugs, Alcohol and Driving with Peer Influences

Presentation Details

Teen Focus: Drugs, Alcohol and Driving with Peer Influences

Authors: Jamie Junot and Erin Miragliotta

Faculty Supervisor: Lydia Watkins, DNP, MSN, RN, CPNP


We focused our service-learning project on the teen population and discussed drugs, alcohol, and peer pressures they are likely to encounter. We partnered with local nurse, Laura Cooper from Needwood Middle School and agreed that a PowerPoint presentation for their 8th grade class would be a good fit for this age level. The group collectively felt that informing young teens about various types and methods of peer pressure would better prepare them for their upcoming high school years. We also felt that sharing with them the statistics and information we’ve learned could help gear them toward more healthy decisions. The age gap between our group and the audience allowed us to share tips and insights on peer pressure, as well drug and alcohol related incidents from our generation to theirs. We hope our presentation planted seeds of wisdom and that one day they will share with younger generations what we shared with them.  Through our education and service-learning project we taught our youth to strive for greatness while staying up-to-date and informed about real life situations. We hope our presentation will help guide these children to better decision making, and that they too share their experiences to their youth about the negative pressures of our society.