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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: The Tree of Life: A Symbol of Resiliency

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The Tree of Life: A Symbol of Resiliency

Authors: Charli Hall, Rhonda Hare, Carrie Ma, Cathy Martinez, Bethany O’Conner, & Miriam Vonashek

Faculty Supervisor: Wilma C. Matti, Ph.D., MSN, RN


CCGA BSN nursing students in conjunction with St. Mark's Tower and residents, enjoyed a day of therapeutic art, socialization, and light snacks. This specific art project was chosen because of the therapeutic aspect, as well as brain stimulation and fine motor coordination involvement. The art piece was created with acrylic on canvas and the application of various colors of buttons as leaves and blossoms. Trees represent resiliency and we thought that this coupled with the project itself would be a perfect blend for achieving our outcomes while adding meaning and enjoyment. The service-learning outcomes of civic learning, academic enhancement, and personal growth were achieved. The students demonstrated the ability to identify a community need and worked with St. Marks to achieve a civic objective. Students made contact with St. Mark's Tower to arrange the activity, plan, and successfully implement the event. Information from the curriculum was used to enhance interaction while assessing individual skills and strengths. Students learned and appreciated the value of each individual and how they contribute to the whole of society, as well as to their unique accomplishments.