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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: McIntosh County Economic Development Initiative

Presentation Details

McIntosh County Economic Development Initiative

Authors: Elizabeth Posey, Katherine Carrasquillo, Leslie Nix, Brandon Giannoni, Taylor Forton, & Amber Chewning

Faculty Supervisor: Heather Farley, Ph.D.


As a group, we came up with the idea to use Tide Waters Industrial Park to generate more revenue for McIntosh County. The Complex offers a few lots, which includes roughly 22 acres of unused land. The lack of usage is hurting McIntosh County because it is not bringing in any revenue. Tidewater Industrial Park is the perfect spot to set up a solar park since it is near the high school and it already has all utilities ready to be turned on. The cost is low for the land for the park to be placed on. In order to get a solar park up and running would be cost efficient for the community and business. We are hoping that we can bring in an industry, Hannah Solar, to be set up on Lot C to create jobs and apprenticeship for local high school students. Having an apprenticeship for high school students will help the work force increase in McIntosh County, while additionally encouraging the trainees to remain working residents post graduation. The apprenticeship would be taught through a combined skill from a nearby colleges, Savannah Technical College and Coastal Pines Technical College, and through the company.