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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: The Garden Club

Presentation Details

The Garden Club

Authors: Miranda Crews, Kira Gates, Elizabeth Gilbert, Ashley Ranstadler, & Baylee Shea

Faculty Supervisors: Wilma C. Matti, Ph.D., MSN, RN


The gardening project took place at Magnolia Manor, a retirement community on Saint Simons Island, on March 19, 2018. The residents were able to plant their choice of either red or white begonias and decorate their clay pots while interacting with other residents and staff members in a fun environment with springtime decorations. When the project was over, the staff of Magnolia Manor helped the residents take their flowers back to their rooms to brighten them up. The residents had a great time, and it was wonderful to get so many people get involved. The residents left with smiles on their faces and were proud to show off their hard work. As we have learned in our Gerontology class, it was evident that encouraging socialization and activity are great ways to promote the overall health of older adults. We hope that fun, simple projects like this can continue through service-learning courses for years to come.