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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Literacy and Patterns and Monsters, Oh My!

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Literacy and Patterns and Monsters, Oh My!

Authors: Alexandra Braden, Autumn Card, & Katie McGinnis

Faculty Supervisor: Caroline Geiken, Ph.D. and Amy Sneed, Ph.D.


We as middle grades teacher candidates at CCGA had the privilege of serving our community by running an after-school program at Goodyear Elementary. We worked with a diverse group of students to help foster important life skills such as teamwork and explored a variety of educational topics including pneumatics, literacy, and patterns. This opportunity allowed us to grow and improve our instructional practices in the areas of co-teaching, interest-based learning, and differentiation. During the time we spent at Goodyear, our students gained a better understanding of what it means to work alongside others to achieve a common goal and even built moving monsters! This meaningful experience gave us the opportunity to impact the lives of local students and helped prepare us to be effective educators.