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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Electronic Devices and Their Impacts on Safety

Presentation Details

Electronic Devices and Their Impacts on Safety

Authors: Evaleen Brown, Brianna Dozier, Jessica Jones, Alyson Roberson, & Elizabeth Shoop

Faculty Sponsor: Lydia Watkins, DNP, MSN, RN, CPNP


Our service-learning group researched electronic devices and their impact on safety. The group educated a 7th grade class at Needwood Middle School to present effects of texting during secondary tasks such as driving and walking.  As primary prevention, this soon-to-be-driving class was selected to promote prevention of distractions.  A PowerPoint presentation was given, followed by an interactive game which simulated distractions to pedestrians and drivers. The class was split into two groups; the first student in each group was given a spoon and a golf ball. Our S-L group created obstacles the students had to overcome during the course. As positive reinforcement, students were given a glow in the dark bracelet to promote nighttime pedestrian safety.  Students also received a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement form from the CDC, which fosters open communication.  This agreement states items such as: “I promise that I will make sure I stay focused on driving” with bullet points on how to achieve each statement.  Our S-L group felt that educating soon-to-be-drivers was important.  Outcome goals were met because health promotion occurred, and future implications include a safer driving population.  Recommendations are to use an outside venue for future presentations.