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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: CYBERBULLYING

Presentation Details


Authors: Jessica Mitchell, Eliza Harrell, Nakiah Wilcox, Samantha Kogut, Sarah Dukes, & Crystal Ownbey

Faculty Supervisor: Dawanna Gibbs, MSN, RN, CNE


Our project was to hold a presentation for teenagers aged 16-18 on the topic of cyberbullying. We presented to students with an interest in nursing at the Golden Isles Career Academy in Brunswick. Our project consisted of a paper crumpling activity to get the students engaged as well as show the importance of choosing your words carefully, a brief PowerPoint presentation with statistics and facts about cyberbullying, a jeopardy game to test the students’ knowledge of cyberbullying, and each student was given a bracelet with a fun and relevant hashtag and a bag of candy with short sayings using the different candy’s name. As users of cell phones and computers, we are all at risk of becoming the victim(s) of cyberbullying. It is an ever-present threat. It is important that adolescents, as well as younger individuals and adults, know the risks and the signs of cyberbullying. It is important as future nurses to understand the risks and effects of cyberbullying in patients but also the risk and effects of yourself becoming a victim from your fellow nurses. Prevention lies within yourself! Remember to stop, block and tell!