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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Fire Safety

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Fire Safety

Authors: Skyler Fisler, Cristy Bryant, Allison Melton, Anna Drury, Brandon Northcutt, Lorraine Dixon, & Dylan Smith

Faculty Supervisor: Laura Grantham, MSN, RN


We did our project on fire safety.  We presented our project to Satilla Marsh Elementary after school S.M.A.R.T program.  The students ages range from 4 to 11.  We educated the students on the importance of having a fire safety plan and what to include in this plan, the importance of fire drills, the proper way to get out of a fire, how and when to STOP, DROP, and ROLL, and to call 911 once safely out of the fire.  The kids got to test their knowledge on an obstacle course. First, the course started with the kids STOP, DROP, and ROLLING as if the clothes were on fire.  Next, the kids came upon a house filled with smoke and had to demonstrate staying low covering mouth and nose with a cloth to protect from inhaling smoke when escaping a fire.  Lastly, the course ended with the kids knocking down fire cups with a blue ball for fun only.  After the course, the kids got to tour a fire truck where we handed out goody bags with fire hats, stickers, pencils, bottled water, and diplomas for graduating the course.
 This project impacted the students, community, and our group in many ways.  The students gained knowledge about the importance of fire safety and what to do during a fire.  They can share what they learned with their parents and start a conversation about having a fire safety plan.  Developing a fire safety plan can prepare families for fires and potentially save lives.  This project taught us how to educate young kids, communicate with them, keep their attention, and learn what their needs are relating to fire safety.   Most importantly, we learned the value and importance of community service.  Giving back to the community creates a better community and this benefits everyone.  We learned how to work as a team, think critically to develop a teaching strategy for ages 4 to 11, use available community resources by contacting the fire department and asking their permission to do a fire truck tour, getting community support, and promoting safety.  In the future we can educate parents on the importance of having a fire extinguisher, the correct way to use it, and the advantages of having and installing smoke alarms.