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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Will you be my {Photo Booth} Valentine?

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Will you be my {Photo Booth} Valentine?

Authors: Jessica Feingold, Katie Stone, Megan Machado, & Timmia McCoy

Faculty Supervisor: Wilma C. Matti, Ph.D., MSN, RN


The purpose of our project was to promote the learning outcome of socialization amongst the elderly residents of the senior center associated with Southeast Georgia Health Systems. We worked with this organization to have a Valentine’s day party for the residents where we proceeded to assist them in making Valentine’s Day cards to send to their friends and family. The most impactful event we provided was a photo booth. We allowed each resident to dress up in boas and costumes to take polaroid photos to print and hang in their rooms or send with their cards. Personally, this project affected me by really showing me how simple it is to make people smile. Taking just an hour out of my day, made the week of many of those residents. We saw improvement in their socialization based on the statuses reported to us by the employees; there was one man that they said they had never seen smile, and at first, he was hesitant to participate, but once he was involved, had the biggest smile on his face. This service-learning project was truly impactful and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity. Future implications for this project can be diverse. This event can be performed annually, as well as altered slightly to adhere to other holidays and events. The residents and organization said they would be happy to welcome us back anytime!