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2018 Service-Learning Symposium: Movement as a Classroom Management Tool in the Elementary Grades

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Movement as a Classroom Management Tool in the Elementary Grades

Authors: Caroline Adams, Summer Beasley, Summer Glisson, Jasmine Jones, & Taylor Moody

Faculty SupervisorTeresa Peeples, M.S.


The main component of our research is to study the notion of behavior management in classrooms. According to the authors of our textbook, Pangrazi and Beighle, “Management is defined as organizing and controlling the affairs of a class. It refers to how students are organized, started and stopped, grouped and arranged during class.” Effective classroom management brings balance and control to an environment; thereby, increasing the potential for learning.  Without proper management skills, the class can become uncontrollable and chaotic. Researchers who have utilized creative movement within a classroom setting, have found that movement in itself can become an excellent management tool.  Movement engages the student, releases endorphins or “feel good” hormones, and it offers excitement as well as fun to a very mundane environment. It is vital to set boundaries and ground rules for your students.  However, instead of using punishment or restriction for maintaining classroom control, we may can engage them through movement and thereby create a sustainable change in their overall behavior.